How Can Hello Health Help Your Practice?

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Specialties Using Hello Health

Hello Health’s clinical software provides independent practices with the tools they need to automate their workflow, all while simplifying patient care and enhancing patient relationships.

The EHR includes functionalities that support specialty, primary care as well as concierge practices. The Hello Health patient portal allows patients to better manage their health through 24/7 access to their account and its many resources.

Hello Health Platform Fits Many Specialties

The Hello Health EHR and Practice Management System fits the needs of many different practices and specialties. Get in touch with us to see if the Hello Health products are right for your practice!

Products Made for Medical Practices

The Hello Health Electronic Health Record, Practice Management System, Patient Portal and Telehealth solution are built with the practitioner in mind. Developed alongside medical professionals, the Hello Health software boosts practice efficiency and augments patient engagement.

Hello Health is completely cloud-based and takes up no office space. Updates and upgrades are always free and done automatically, ensuring practices always have the latest technology for the same low monthly cost.

icon Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record

The Hello Health Electronic Health Record is comprehensive and easy to use. Doctors especially love the flexibility of customizing the platform to their reality and accessing it from wherever they are. They always have access to the latest patient information, allowing them to concentrate on providing quality care to their patients.

visual Electronic Health Record

Product Benefits

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The Hello Health Electronic Health Record, Practice Management System, Patient Portal and Telehealth solution have benefits that go beyond the everyday workflow efficiencies. From care coordination and patient engagement to revenue cycle management and outreach programs, the Hello Health platform helps assist many departments and has benefits for every aspect of a clinical practice.

Services Offered

From the moment you decide to switch to the Hello Health Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System, you will be coached and supported every step of the way. From implementation and training to ongoing support, the Hello Health Team will ensure you reap the benefits of its suite of services from the get-go.

Implementation and Training

We make it easy for any practice to transition to the Hello Health EHR and Practice Management System. Live online training can have a practice up and running in as little as 1-2 weeks. Practices have access to an entire repertoire of training guides and videos as well as an online training center.


The Hello Health Support Team is in the same building as the Development and Product Teams. This allows for easy and quick collaboration across teams and ensures quick issue resolution and support requests. The entire team works with and for practices, ensuring the technology works and staff are always satisfied.