A Patient Portal Built for 21st Century Communication

Why do Patients Love the Hello Health Patient Portal?

It’s safe to say that patients love the convenience of having online access to their health summary 24/7. Through their patient portal account, they can send messages to their doctor, book appointments, request prescription renewals, access important documentation, and receive practice updates.

The patient portal is also available through a mobile app called PortalConnect. This increases convenience for patients as they can have secure access to all this important information from wherever they are.


Practices can give their patients the freedom to securely schedule appointments online. This not only increases convenience for patients, but also frees up phone lines and allows practice staff to concentrate on other important tasks. Patients will only have access to a practice’s or doctor’s specific scheduling preference. Everything is customizable and easy to change.

Hello Health's Australia: Scheduling

Secure Messaging

Through their patient portal account, patients will be able to securely communicate with their doctor. Seen through a form of e-mail or chat, doctors can choose to answer at their convenience. This also enables doctors to send quick messages to their patients regarding updates or follow ups without needing to phone them.

Hello Health's Australia: Secure Messaging

Prescription Renewal

Hello Health is SureScripts® certified for prescription routing, giving providers and patients a safer and more efficient management of e-prescriptions. This increases convenience for patients and saves time for doctors. Patients can also request prescription renewals directly from their account, which can then be approved by their doctor and sent directly to their preferred pharmacy.

Hello Health's Australia: Prescription Renewal

Online View of Lab Reports

Hello Health interfaces with major laboratory companies to increase access and efficiency for doctors and practices. Doctors will receive lab reports directly in their patient’s file and be able to easily view and analyze them. Providers will then have the capability of sharing the results with their patients directly in their account.

Hello Health's Australia: Online View of Lab Reports

Access to Visit Notes

Throughout patient encounters, doctors will have the capability of taking visit notes, which are then easily shareable with the patient directly in their account. Once the visit note has been shared, the patient will receive an email about the update. Doctors have the choice to share as much or as little of the visit notes as they would like.

Hello Health's Australia: Access to Visit Notes

Mobile App

The Hello Health PortalConnect mobile app is available on both Apple and Android. It gives patients the convenience they need to access their personal health record on the go and engage in secure messaging with their doctor or medical practice. They can book appointments, receive messages and update their account directly from their PortalConnect account.

Hello Health's Australia: Mobile App

Benefits of an Accessible Patient Portal

With technology at their fingertips, patients have increasingly become consumers in their own healthcare journey. They want convenient, quick access to care that sometimes doesn’t only include a provider encounter.

The Hello Health Patient Portal enables doctors and health clinics to expand the scope of care beyond a clinical visit. Patients have access to important documentation, practice news, prescriptions, online appointment bookings and much more, all at their fingertips and tied to their practice and the services they offer.

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