Revenue Cycle Management

Benefits of an Integrated Revenue Cycle

From the time the patient books an appointment with their doctor to the moment the practice successfully collects their payment, everything can be tracked within the Hello Health system. The Revenue Cycle Management feature provides an essential tool for practices to remain financially viable and unburden doctors of needing to perform additional administrative tasks.

Hello Health's Australia: Integrated Billing

Integrated Billing

Hello Health can integrate with your current merchant account or provide you one that is already linked to the system. This will allow automatic fee collection that goes directly to your practice’s bank account. Practices can build custom billing for visit invoices, appointment fees/cancellations, membership billing and custom invoices.

Hello Health's Australia: Superbills


Hello Health offers two ways to submit Superbills. One is by creating Cash-Only collection Superbills where practices print Superbills from the platform and charge their patients directly. This requires practices to collect claims themselves through a clearing house of their choice outside the Hello Health platform.

The other option that practices can choose is to sign up to CollaborateMD, which is the third-party vendor for real-time claim submissions within the platform. Practices can submit Superbills electronically through Hello Health directly to the medical billing software to collect insurance claims. Practices can also login to see their dashboard and check patient deductibles, insurance issues, copay problems or simply pull more detailed reports on their Superbill billing.

Hello Health's Australia: Maximize Revenue

Maximize Revenue

Hello Health provides a billing overview that allows practices and staff to calculate the costs of various measures and ensure they are paid for them. These include non-covered services, supplies and appointment fees, which can be automatically charged to patients, including no-shows. This allows practices to improve their financial performance by increasing their cash flow and stopping revenue leaks.

Hello Health's Australia: Capture Additional Revenue

Capture Additional Revenue

Practices have the option of charging their patients for their patient portal use. This membership fee is paid directly to the practice and can be set up through the merchant account. This adds additional revenue to the practice and provides a great digital experience for patients where they can access their medical summary, visit notes, prescriptions, documentation and more.