Who Said Practice Management Technology Has to Be Complicated?

An Efficiently Clear Practice Management System

Medical practices can easily manage various practice activities through user-friendly features such as integrated billing, customizable practice settings, patient check-ins and more. No need to navigate from one application to the next. Everything can be conveniently and efficiently done within the Hello Health Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System.


Hello Health provides medical practices with an easy and intuitive scheduling functionality. It allows practices to customize views based on a specific day, week or month, export daily calendars and color code visits. It also permits searches based on several different criteria and can generate automatic online reminders for activities related to the practice.

Hello Health's Australia: Scheduling

Customizable Practice Settings

The Hello Health Practice Management System allows practices to take control of many different aspects of their clinical management. Practices can easily centralize and manage their entire staff’s scheduling and patient bookings, note sharing, superbills, clinical decision reminders, customizable templates and more, all accessible through the Practice Management System.

Hello Health's Australia:  Customizable Practice Settings

Capture Additional Income

The integrated billing feature within the Hello Health Practice Management System allows practices to easily calculate the cost of non-covered services, procedures and supplies. It also enables staff to automatically charge patients for these services, including no-show charges, to increase cash flow and stop revenue leaks at every level.

Hello Health's Australia: Capture Additional Income

Secure Messaging

Through the Hello Health platform, practice staff can quickly and easily communicate with patients through secure messaging. This reduces call volumes and administrative hassles, all while keeping patients up-to-date with the latest practice news at the click of a button. All e-mails and instant messages sent through the platform are secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Hello Health's Australia: Secure Messaging


Practices can send direct messages addressed through Updox. This service provides e-fax and direct address services to Hello Health practices. If your practice is currently paying for an Updox e-fax number, faxes sent to this number will appear directly in Hello Health as a secure message, eliminating the need to scan documents.

Hello Health's Australia: eFax

What Are the Benefits of the Hello Health Practice Management System?

The Hello Health Practice Management System allows doctors and clinical practices to consolidate all information in one place. Through Revenue Cycle Management, staff can easily track and manage patient billing. The referral program also offers the opportunity to let other colleagues and practices discover Hello Health while benefiting from a license fee discount. Everybody wins!

  • Cloud-based
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Customizable practice settings
  • Task automation
  • Integrated billing
  • Consolidated view
  • Referral program